Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The quilt show 2007 highlights

I walked around and took pictures of the quilts I liked best. I choose a couple to show off. I think I got some ideas from them. Very cool quilts!

Here we go.

The golden stitch from Harry Potter, very neat.

Bald Eagles I like the use of color and technique here. Not sure what they did but it's neat

Oh this one was cool. This lady has been with her husband for a really long time, and took all their old clothes to make this memory quilt. It's very lovely.

I like the swirly quilt parts. It's what I noticed about this quilt I think it was very well done.

I just thought that this had a neat old black and white picture feeling to it. Okay maybe I just thought the flames on the car were cool. ^_^

Got to show a Halloween quilt of course. I like this one the most. It reminds me of when I was in grade school.

I like pigs what can I say? I also it reminds me of the pillow quilt top that Lynn made about a year ago. ^_^

River with bridges thought that was a neat idea for a quilt.

I thought this was pretty cool. The bicycles are appliqué and are really black ribbon! I wouldn't have thought of doing that, but now I'm totally going to use that if I do something like that.

Here's the best for last. It's only quilted. It's black fabric with colored quilting tread. I thought it was pretty good, no wonder it won a prize. ^_^

Okay I'll admit it. There are probably a lot of other wonderful quilts that I missed out on. I didn't take pictures of everything, just what kind of struck me, and these are the highlights. Some of you will have different views about what you thought was neat or cool this was just what I thought.


Lynn said...

It's amazing to see what stands out to other quilters. I think I missed most of the ones that you posted!! But the last one, the black one was reversible! The white fabric on the other side made a different pattern. That quilt really was amazing!

rdrop said...

Oh man I didn't get to see the back! I totally missed out. I should have thought of that though... bad melody. Hehe. ^_^