Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Goodies from the quilt show!

I got a few things at the quilt show. One I'm not going to show off now because I am saving that for a later post.

I got a moffet templet and the super 60 ruler for when Holly has time to do the one block wonder.

I got the dice em and slice em book. Holly and Cheri showed it to me when I did the mystery quilt and thought I really wanted it. I also got two neat patterns, one for a cute purse and one for 3 glasses case that are shaped like butterflies, frogs and turtles. I thought they were super cute, the lady said it should take a few hours to figure out the first one, but after that they are pretty quick to make, about an hour she says.

Love them!

There were a lot of things I was tempted to buy. Like the professional cutting board that Holly has, but that was like 200 dollars or so, but it would have been pretty nice for all this cutting I'm doing for this step 5 of the mystery quilt. Yeah. Hehe. Oh well maybe next year I'll buy it. All I need to do is save 20 dollars a month and I'll have more than enough to buy it next year.

I know what you're all thinking no fabric!!! I know. Maybe next year. ^_^ There were some Japanese fabric I thought looked neat but I couldn't choose... actually that was my whole problem, I couldn't choose... I think by next year I will have a better sense of color, maybe have quilts in mind to do so I can choose fabric for them. ^_^

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Lynn said...

I forgot to get a super 60 ruler, and I want to see your glasses cases when you finish them! They sound cute!