Thursday, August 30, 2007

Binding Class

Yesterday I went to a binding class at the Granary.

There were only two people in the class. Lucky me.

I had one extra square from my bento box quilt so I used that to practice binding.

I really liked the class, even though it was only a beginner class I got taught bais binding and so here it is.

From the back

From the front.

In the class it was great because she showed us some binding clips. I really like them because I usually use pins or bobby pins and I got poked a lot and so with binding clips I think will be better. I will only get stabbed by the needle now. ^_^

Oh next to my binding sample is the rest of my binding that I'm going to use for the real quilt. I'm one step closer to finishing the bento box quilt. yay!

Tonight I went to the SCVQA meeting. The speaker was pretty great. I liked her a lot. I get the feeling that I have only been exposed to the best speakers so far. I wonder what will be next.

Also I volunteered to help with the raffle group for next year. That I think will be fun. The ladies I'm paired up with are very nice and so I think it will be great.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pin wheels for the SCVQA

I followed the instruction for the block of the month. They are suppose 11 inch blocks and for some reason I got 8 inch blocks. I don't know how they could have came out to be 11 inches at all, I looked at the measurements and redid the calculations and there is no way I could get 11 inches. Could the measurements they gave us be wrong?

Oh well here are my blocks. I just used what ever colorful scraps I had around.

Sorry I have blogged for almost a month. Jeez that's a long time. I just haven't really been quilting. Though I did buy a lot of quilting books during this time. I will try to post about them soon.

Tomorrow I'm taking the binding class at the Granary and of course Thursday night is the SCVQA meeting. So this week is a lot of quilting activities.

EDIT - I totally know what I did wrong. See the color parts in the middle? You're suppose to cut 4 3/4 squares in half to get them, but I cut them into 1/4ths because you cut the white part into 1/4ths and I sort of just did the same thing.

No wonder they are so small! Melody = needs to read instructions better.