Tuesday, November 25, 2008

beloga - really not your grandmother's sewing maching and not even your mother's for that matter!

Man I'm really obsessed with sewing machines right now. Look what I found! The sewing machine of the future, seriously doesn't it look like it belongs in star trek?

Good thing they aren't in production yet, I might want this over the hello kitty one!

I wonder what the price will be for this. Though I think this was designed for fashion people more than quilters. ;-)

belOga comes with a big "O", and an even bigger circular touch-screen which replaces the usual scheme of buttons and controls. This sewing machine concept was designed by Kristine Br├╝ckner, an industrial design graduate from the Munich's University of Applied Sciences with an impressive portfolio.
Apart from its less than ordinary shape, the belOga makes sewing more fun. By laying in a spool of thread the machine automatically conducts the thread through the machine - all you have to do is put the thread through the needle to get started. The centre display allows you to see what the stitch will look like in advance, this means less unpleasant stitching surprises. You can even enjoy the inner life of the belOga through two little lenses on the side of the body.Kristine notes that the belOga is not yet in production, so feel free to drop her a message (male.diven@gmx.de) if you know anyone who is not afraid to spice up the backstage of fashion!