Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One block wonder Fabric

I picked a fab fabric for my one block wonder! Here it is.

Well okay I don't love it, but I have time to stubble onto other fabrics since Holly can't have her lesson till probably next year. Haha I wonder how many fabrics I'm going to collect by then... I'm so bad sometimes. I would like this fabric more if the red wasn't so all over the place, it's almost like they were running out of red when they printed this fabric.

Oh well Holly and Cheri said that some of the best one block wonders come from kind of ugly fabric... we will see how that turns out. Hehe.

Wow this is a lot of blogging for one night! I hope this will keep blog readers busy! Haha, I will try to keep this more up to date, no promises though! Someday I hope to write a review of all the quilting books I have collected in the past few months... It's a lot to let you know... like 10 of them! I'm a crazy quilting book collector... I really need to stop...


Lynn said...

I haven't figured out my fabric for the one block wonder yet, but yours looks like it will be exciting!

Jane said...

this fabric looks like it would be perfect! That weird background...the indefinable (at least from this distance) figure...should be great! I'm going out for my first piece today. wish me luck!