Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pin wheels for the SCVQA

I followed the instruction for the block of the month. They are suppose 11 inch blocks and for some reason I got 8 inch blocks. I don't know how they could have came out to be 11 inches at all, I looked at the measurements and redid the calculations and there is no way I could get 11 inches. Could the measurements they gave us be wrong?

Oh well here are my blocks. I just used what ever colorful scraps I had around.

Sorry I have blogged for almost a month. Jeez that's a long time. I just haven't really been quilting. Though I did buy a lot of quilting books during this time. I will try to post about them soon.

Tomorrow I'm taking the binding class at the Granary and of course Thursday night is the SCVQA meeting. So this week is a lot of quilting activities.

EDIT - I totally know what I did wrong. See the color parts in the middle? You're suppose to cut 4 3/4 squares in half to get them, but I cut them into 1/4ths because you cut the white part into 1/4ths and I sort of just did the same thing.

No wonder they are so small! Melody = needs to read instructions better.