Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mystery quilt kind of going

Last last Sunday. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while ^_^ Been busy.

Anyways last last Sunday Holly had a Mystery quilt day. Me and Cadence worked on it for about 6 hours and we are only on step 2! There are 14 steps... It's sad I know.

Here are pictures of what I have done so far.

I have been working on it for about an hour each night or so. Not much farther. I'm on step 5 but it involves a lot of cutting. Like 192 squares 2" and 96 half square triangles of light (purple for me) and accent (orange for me) fabric and 96 2" x 31/2 rectangles of main print (the black fabric). I only have the light cut out right now.

I have no idea how it's going to turn out. I'm sure some of you out there do... but I'll just leave it as a surprise ^_^

Oh by the way if you don't have triangles on a roll for 1.5" finished square, you can cut 2 and 3/8th squares and just draw a line in the middle and sew 1/4th from that on both sides and it's just as good. I had to calculated that! It seems for any finished square you add 7/8ths to get what you want from this method of doing half square triangles.

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Lynn said...

You are so funny that you calculated that! Very engineer-ish of you!