Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching up

I hope everyone has had a great vacation. I had a good time for the most part, it was very very relaxing. ^_^

Here is a picture of me at a gingerbread house party!

ginger bread pretending to eat

I made that cute tootsie roll crane on top. I'm trying to make a 1000 cranes... we will see how that goes. It's kind of a lot actually it means 3 a day till the end of the year and I haven't made one since this party! Bad Melody.


I told one of my friends how I am making game pillows and he thought that was so cool and wanted to know if I can make some bubble bobble for him. So here is the result of that.

Another bubble bobble set

I think it turned out pretty well. Everything except for the black and white are from stashed fat quarters. He's going to give them to his mother that use to play with him when he was little... it's a cute story when he went to kindergarten they asked what his mother did and he said play bubble bobble. ^_^


I got the hello kitty sewing machine!

sew pretty with hello kitty

It's super cute.

out of the box

The only things that I don't like about is

1. it doesn't thread the needle for you (I know I'm so spoiled!)
2. it doesn't have a side thread cutter - I'm not sure what exactly this is called but it's that little blade that you use to pull out and cut your thread so you don't have to bust out your scissors.

Anyways this had the same thread tension problem!


I found it interesting that this bobbin holder opens from the side.

I did the same thing as with my other Jamone.

how to fix bobbin

I think I have gotten pretty awesome at fixing bobbin tension now. ^_^ If only I can use this skill for good or at least more often, really the only then I can do is just blog about it and home someone that needs help will find it. ^_^

Ps. sorry for all the misspellings before! I was writing this on the fly and didn't get a chance to spell check it till now.