Thursday, January 29, 2009

100th post!

I was saving this post for something good.. sadly nothing good to write about but I wanted to write something before too much time has past. I didn't want to "forgot" about this blog again.

Happy Chinese New Years everyone! For some reason I remember the ox year being a good year so I was excited about it coming again because the econ is sooo bad right now but sadly my mother informed me that it was the working/muddy ox year and it will be really hard also on everyone... (last ox year I remember was actually the golden ox year which is why I thought ox years were good). Oh well we just need to keep fighting on... I really believe everything works out for the best!

Just a few things to update about

- Work has been pretty busy we have some deadlines coming up and my computer broken down this week, it was kind of a pain to get fix... but I know now who to contact if I want things like that to get done asap.
- School is also busy next week is midterm week the only good thing about that is there is no homework due, just study!
- Super Bowl is this weekend... yay! Lots of parties and stuff.
- I got some new quilting books. I can't wait to read them this weekend.

Looking back this week wasn't too bad... through for some reason I wasn't able to quilt this week yet, usually I can get in 1-3 hours every other night while watching a show (I'm watching desperate housewives now... so addicting... I should have started watching this soon... seriously) but this week.. nothing.. well I had more homework than usual which could explain it. Also on Monday the day I could have been sewing I decided to wash and iron fabric (I have been in this washing and ironing kick since December when I decided all my fabric just needed to be pre-washed before sewing now.. I'll tell you how that goes when I sew more pre-washed fabric).

I wanted to upload the pillows I made for my mother.. I'll do that soon, for some reason I can't seem to find them... I think they might still be on my camera.