Friday, February 13, 2009

My Bad

My bad... I have excuses though! j/k it doesn't really matter. ^_^

Though last week I was out all week because I had the flu... it was pretty steady at 101.8 for about 4 days, the worst was 102.9 which was on the second day of my flu. I have never had the flu this bad before... I went to the hospital and my doctor said I was lucky I got the flu shot because I probably would have had coughing and sneezing along with the flu but I only had the fever which last usually 3-6 days mine was about 4 and half with feeling pretty weak for about 3 days after.

It was kind of weird because I was just cold the first day... I had no idea why I was soooooooo cold and then Patrick suggested I take my temperature and yup 101.5 on the first day. I took some Advil and that helped a lot but I was still pretty cold, then I got super hot and then I would get grossly sweaty and then I would be fine for a few hours and then it would start all over again. The worst part was the cold... I was sooooo cold it felt like I was outside at night in my underwear!

I'm glad that's over.

In other news I have a new job - sort of - it's only temporary for 8 months working on some stuff for those in the know it starts with a T and ends with at. I start next month and when it's over I'll be back doing the work I do now, I think it will be great to gain experience and it sounds pretty fun. There is a ton of work still on the program I am now but they said they can let me do this thing for a few months. It's kind of funny I don't think my manager wants to let me go since we have so few people on our team... I think he's scared of losing me completely to this project... I think that's kind of sweet. ^_^

I haven't touched a sewing machine for about 2.5 weeks! That actually makes me feel sad...

Oh on other news I saw Donna today and she looked so fabulous! I love her hair style now, so super cute. ^_^

That is all now... hopefully I'll have my improv project block done this week and I can send it off. I know the deadline isn't till April but I want to get it in before it's due. ^_^

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