Friday, January 30, 2009

Mom's Pillows

I finally found them I knew I had them somewhere, they were totally still in my camera.

So here is the story, my mother knows I know how to sew... and so she wanted me to make her pillows. Sometimes I think she requests things because she just wants stuff from me that I made to show off to people that come by the house. Like my daughter made that for me, look how talented she is and how much she loves me. It's almost like putting one of those A+ exams on the fridge. She's very funny and cute like this. She still thinking of ways to replace "A+ exams on the fridge".

Anyways so we were out shopping and she saw this fabric at Walmart in the color she really really loved. To be honest I have never seen this color before, it seems to me like a dark purpley pink? Is that even possible. Anyways she wanted me to make something out of it, like pillows! Haha. So she bought 2 yards of it and made me take it home to do something with it.

I asked her what kind of pattern she wanted, she said whatever. I asked her what other colors she would like with it, she said whatever. I asked her what size she wanted it in... you guessed it... whatever.

Anyways I bought the fabric home and looked at it... and looked at it some more.. I seriously I didn't know what to do with it, I mean I'm not a super talented sewer or quilter by any means yet. I took out quilting books to get inspired and I looked at maganizes because this is for my mother it has to be nice right?

Eventually because it was taking me so long to decide I ended up going with a simple pattern of just square, and I chose a black fabric from my stash to complement the dark purple pink (I should mention here I think I'm semi-color blind so it might look purple pink to you).

This is how it turned out.

It was enough fabric for 3 16x16 pillow covers. I probably could have stretch it out to move pillows if I didn't use the purple/pink fabric for the back of the pillows but I thought if my mother didn't like the pattern she could at least flip it over and it be the solid color of the fabric she picked.

Here it is bagged up to give to my mother. I love how pillows can stuff so easily into a bag. It's kind of fun to put them in also. ^_^

It turns out my mother is getting new couches and she's going to pick the color to match the pillows it it was a really good thing that I choose to stay with simple.

Simple = good.

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willynillywaterlily said...

Thank you for dropping by!

I love your blog! The pillows keep out wonderfully! I love the choice of fabric and colors! Can't wait to see your future craftiness! :)