Monday, March 31, 2008

New Fabric!

I went to Joannes the other day because Patrick went to the shopping center in Mountain View and I noticed it and I have never been to that Joannes before.

They had some awesome deals. I got all these patterns for 2 dollars a yard. Can't pass that up! But for some reason they all ended up being purple and pink, weird I know. I know I'm a sucker for stashing fabric.

Here is a picture of them with the flash on.

This is a picture with the flash off.

I'm not sure which one is better, so I have both. Which is better with the flash on or off?

I never can tell, both look okay to me. *nods*

Anyways interesting story, this Joannes I went to that was in Mountain View the one that is next to the Walmart, though I usually go to the one on Stevens Creek, near Wolf street.

So the one in Stevens Creek is super nice, usually when I buy the whole bolt, they give me a discounted on the last left over yard (one time they gave me a whole yard discounted). It has happens more than once. Even the big super store one in Fremont has done that for me.

The one in mountain view is not so nice! I mean I guess it's not store policy to do that but I asked about it and the lady who cut my fabric, made a face (okay maybe I'm making this up) and said we don't give that discounts to people that just want the whole bolt.

So I was sneaky and asked for whatever I thought would be "just enough" to see if she would offer it to me, and she offer it once but never again. I guess she figured out what I was doing, I was even surprise, she just cut off like 1/4th of a yard that was left over on the bolt from what I requested and didn't offer me the rest of it. I guess she didn't like me after that, but people that normally shop at Joannes know these things, I don't think I asked for something really unreasonable.

I thought to myself jeez this person must have had a bad day! It's okay, I'm still happy with my fabric but I'm not sure if I'm going back there (maybe if I'm in a cruch and I happen to be there), when I know that the Stevens Creek one is way nicer!

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