Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby Lone Star Quilt lesson

Last Saturday Connie taught a baby lone star quilt lesson at Holly house. It was super fun!

I wanted to use my set of yellow/orange fat quarters to make a star in the sky. It seems for every fat quarter you can get 3 points (but some how Candice got 4 out of her fat quarters!).

Here is my finished one.

I think the color is a little off I should have asked for help!!

Here is Kathy's finished one (me, Kathy and Candice were the only one's that finished but Candice didn't like hers so I didn't get a picture of it)

This is so cute a bunch of cat faces and cat butts! ^_^

Anyways since I got 3 star points from my fat quarters that I decided to cut 8 fat quarter to make 3 long stars!

Here are my other ones (not finished)

I showed these to Holly, Cheri and Connie and the purple and orange are okay now (with some rearranging from the original set up) but the green/purple/orange is still a little off. It seems the culprit is that light purple point.

I have it in black in white because I think I read in some quilting book somewhere... that if you look at it in black in white it would help you be a better judge of the color. So you can see that Holly and Cheri were right were correct about the light purple point, I need to do something about it... ^_^

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