Monday, January 19, 2009

Epic Roasthouse

Darn me, I didn't get to work on my improv block this weekend. I'll try working on it tonight after school.

This weekend though me and Patrick did a dine about at Epic Roasthouse. I totally forgot to take pictures at seasons so to make up for it I took a ton of pictures at Epic.

Only I did the dine about Patrick got their burger because the waiter said it was super yummy.

This was the first course

minestrone soup, it was pretty good, there were fava beans, cherry tomatoes and some sort of greens. Actually this was a little to acidic for me so Patrick got to eat most of it, though I did like the fava beans. ^_^

this was my second course, i believe it was sword fish with a potato croquette and some sort of squash pasta (it was strings of squash that was used for the carb part of the main). Now this was really really good. Patrick says that sword fish is usually never as tender as the one that came in this meal.

dessert! okay I actually got whole cookies but I forgot to take the picture before i split the cookies with Patrick since he didn't get a dessert with his meal we shared. every cookie was super yummy except the plain looking one which turned out to be a ginger orange sugar cookie... it was very strong orange sour taste, normally I like orange but this was way sour, like they used the orange zest only.

This dine about was super yummy way better than I expected because the sample menu was the main course was a sandwich which could be good, you never know. ^_^

That's all for now folks, hopefully I'll have one tomorrow showing off my wonderful improv quilt block. *crosses fingers*

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