Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dine About Town

Today is the first day of Dine about Town 2009 for San Francisco.

If you don't know about it here is some info.

It's during - January 15 - 31, 2009
3-course, prix-fixe $21.95 Lunches & $34.95 Dinners.

They are usually at pretty nice restaurants that normally you would have to pay an arm

If you want to go to the website -

Caution for those who plan to go - make sure you read the fine print about what days they are part of the dine about because it's really common to book a date and time that they aren't doing the dine about and you might go there and have to order off the regular menu which will probably cost more.

Every year me and my friends always do at least one.

It has changed over the years it use to be all of January was when you can go and now it's just the last 2 weeks but it's because they split it up... there is now two weeks in June that this also happens. That change happened last year.

This year they raised the price for dinner by 3 dollars. 3 dollars!? Okay to me that sort of makes no sense, and it sort of feels silly but I guess 3 dollars doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. ^_^ Also if they raise dinner prices, you would think lunch prices would rasie too but those stayed the same.

Today I'm going to one with a few friends of mine.

We are going to Seasons at the Four Seasons. I'll try to take pictures of the food. ^_^

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