Sunday, August 10, 2008

not a walking foot

I have always used a walking foot to quilt my quilts. I thought that was the way it was suppose to be.

Then while I was reading modern quilt workbook I wanted to try to quilt the quilt that Lynn made.

It didn't work when I was using my walking foot. I have always used the walking foot why doesn't it work I thought to myself.

Then I just flipped through one of the many quilting books I had and they said you need to use a darning foot for free motion quilting.

Darning foot? What's a darning foot...

I looked around my stuff and I found it. I had it all this time. I put it on to my machine.

Then I started quilting with my darning foot. I have never used this foot before... so here is the first attempt. I tried to do the quilting from the book, it's pretty bad but not horrible I thinks... then I tried to do a loopies and then I tried writing my name. It was pretty fun but not very good.

Hopefully in a month or two or three. I can show another sample of way better quilting.

I think a darning foot is amazing. I love how there is a spring that helps me with make sure I'm going the right amount every time I move the quilt. It's fun to watch it bounce while I'm quilting. ^_^

There was no real point to this post other than point out how silly I was and how great a darning foot is.

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