Sunday, June 15, 2008

After the mystery quilt day

Yesterday we did our mystery quilt that Cheri hosted at Holly's house.

Cheri got the pattern from

Check this person out! ^_^

I got pretty far yesterday.

I got all the big parts done but didn't make a block yet

You will notice I don't have the bottom right group in the picture.

I'll tell you why, this morning I was thinking I would finish the quilt before I had to meet my parents for father's day dinner.

Then I looked at it and didn't like it.

Last night I stayed behind with Holly and Kathy, just to chit chat. ^_^

I saw Holly put her's together and she matched up the parallelograms (Holly's word for them, so geeky! ^_^) and I thought that was a good idea.

So I started working on it.

Here is the before pictures of how some of mine look like.

And here is an after picture.

I know this will take me a while but it will be well worth it because I think it looks way better than before.

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