Sunday, April 6, 2008

Taylor's Automatic Refresher

I went to Napa this weekend with some of my high school friends. It was sort of a reunion sort of thing.

Anyways we went to Taylor's Automatic Refresher while we were there.

Here is the pager they gave me when I ordered my meal. I got a classic burger and some onion rings.

Here is my food, the burger is made with an egg bun.

All my friends got some sort of side dish to share, I got the onion rings to share. The above is chili fries, garlic friends and sweet potato fries. All of it was super yummy!

I got an ice tea also I thought the cup was interesting, it says "This cup is made from corn, environmentally sustainable and 100% compostable." I thought that was cool! It was just like plastic, everywhere should change their plastic containers to this.

Anyways when I got back home I thought this was so good that it should be Zagat rated so I checked my book and it was there!

Here is what my Zagat book said.

Food : 21/30
Decor : 12/30
Service : 14/30
Cost : 17 dollars (this usually includes cost of a drink also) My meal was 15 bucks for the burger onion rings and ice tea.

I would suggest this to anyone that wants a quick meal while they are in Napa! I sort of wished we went somewhere more "fancy" but this was super good anyways. ^_^

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Ingrid said...

Hi! I'm from Spain so my english it's so bad... :P I saw this food and I'm so hungry.
Ah! The puzzle is very beautiful.