Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There was a lot to write about from Napa so there will be a lot of future blogs about it. Mostly to cover all the pictures I took there! ^_^

In Napa with my friends we went to Copia in Napa. It was a pretty cool place here's a picture.

We signed up for a wine pairing class but we had some time to kill so we look around the gift shop for a bit. I found some neat chocolates! They were tea infused chocolates. I got the dark chocolate infused with earl gray and the while chocolate infused with chamemile. One of my friends got this small German chocolate bar.

Me and my friend shared pieces from each. They were all super yummy.

The food and wine pair course was really well done also. We got a glass of white and red wine with things like a slice of lemon, potato chips, chocolate, rasins, rosemary and salt. It was interesting to learn about the smell and color of wine and how these different flavors can affect it. The biggest point of this was to just drink what you like with what you eat, it doesn't matter what's right and what's wrong just do what you want because it's you that's eating it. ^_^ I thought that was a good message.

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