Thursday, November 8, 2007

Book Crossing

I came across this on my other blog and thought it was an interesting idea and thought I would share it here. ^_^

*loves books*

Opps didn't look at the comments till now. Lynn - I have looked at the site you showed me, bookcrossing is different. Your website is to keep track of books you own. ^_^

Bookcrossing is a fun way to register books and share them. You register a book on bookcrossing and then leave it somewhere, anywhere - in the park, in a locker at the gym or just anywhere you think it will find a home - hopefully someone that will be as touched by the book as you were. Leave a note in the book that it was registered in bookcrossing and they can go on bookcrossing and say where they found the book and where they are going to put it. That way you can track where your book is going and hopefully they will put that book someplace where it could reach someone else when they are done reading it.

I thought that was an interesting idea. I am trying to figure out what book I want to put on a journey.


Lynn said...

Hmm, I do something similar to this that I found through ravelry...

Junie Moon said...

I have been doing the Book Crossing thing for about a year now. It's so much fun to leave books here and there in the world and wonder who picks it up and what they think about it.

Scott said...

Thanks for the BookCrossing mention...I hope you enjoy it a lot!
CEO BookCrossing