Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally! Some quilting for me!

So I finished my blocks tonight

Here is the 12 inch number one. It turned out pretty good. ^_^

Here is the 12 inch number two. For some reason I didn't have enough blue for the triangles but lucky I had a blue in my stash that was pretty close to the color. I wonder if you can tell which blue I added. ^_^

Oh I also fixed the block I missed up on. Now it's all pretty and ready to be sewn up with the rest of the quilt.

I will probably sew it up tomorrow which should take me like two seconds.

I also worked on my stair case quilt but all I did was sew really long strips together because it's basically two pieces of fabric sewn together and than position to make it look like stairs. I cut up all my purple fabric so what I get out of it is all I have. I'll probably finish that quilt top tomorrow.

Right now I sort of feel that quilting is kind of addicting. For the short time that my friend stayed with me I really felt kind of grumpy and almost upset that I couldn't quilt because he taking up quilting space in the living room. I would be so much farther right now! I might have more work done on my Christmas quilt (well probably not the Christmas quilt) and be done with the stairs, I would totally have been done with these squares like 2 days ago if he wasn't here. Oh well back to my hermit life of quilting madness. ^_^

My thread is almost gone! Good thing I got another spool this week. Wow going through a spool of thread makes me feel like I quilted a lot.

I'm also feeling like I'm getting better at this following patterns and stuff. These squares didn't take me nearly as long as the 8 inch squares. See I finished both in one night where as the 8 inch ones were a night each.

Good times though! ^_^

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